Dolly, Not just another day

So I didn’t write yesterday. Mostly because life consumed me. And by the time I had the chance my eyeballs literally screamed at me to rest them. So I relaxed with a couple of friends.
I really didn’t eve know what to say yesterday. I was so consumed in re-writing a resume and job hunting, by the time I had a chance to myself I was clueless. My header literally said ‘Untitled’.
Getting back in the job market is so overwhelming and scary. I haven’t worked in a few years so I feel super unqualified. At least I have a degree, and a cosmetology license…. And who’s going to watch the baby. Geeze who do I trust to watch her? So scary!
Babies new word is “Fish”! She has a little Nemo fish. She runs around the house saying Fiss Fiss!. She is so cute! I can’t even imagine life without her!


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